The Liminal Odyssey


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"Liminal" means threshold, and we find thresholds all day long if we have the eyes to see. Thresholds are not just a transitionary place, they are opportunities for discovery, awareness and choice. 


We are at a fascinating place now in the history of the human experience, at the threshold of the next paradigm place. By all measures, our world is changing, and this requires us all to be prepared by building capacity to contribute to its ease.

The Liminal Odyssey is a spiritual philosophy told through a weaving of true-life stories, each illustrating those practical applications of methodologies, philosophies, shared indigenous knowledge, and some science as tools to alchemize one's life. Collectively, they create their own ideology, leaving room for the reader’s wisdom and accumulated tools. Because we are cultivating awareness and pausing in the spaces in-between, our life’s Odyssey expands where synchronicities become daily occurrences and the mundane becomes the miraculous.

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"Sande Hart’s authentic storytelling takes us along on a Liminal Odyssey into the magic of everyday life. Her style is so witty, humble and completely original that it’s almost a genre unto itself. Sande’s tales range from her exceptional experiences in global peacemaking to life’s quiet, intimate moments. Through it all, she is an engaging guide to the enchantment that surrounds us when we have the eyes to see." 

~Rev. Deborah Moldow,

Founder, Garden of Light and Director of The Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation


The Liminal Odyssey Book Circle Guide, Discussion and Journal Prompts

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