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Alchemizing Liminal Spaces 

Formally Kitchen Table Conversations

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Susan full RecordingAlchemizing Liminal Spaces with Susan Stackpole
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Music by Geri Littlejohn

Susan Stackpole, The HeartSong Alchemist, is an international show host, results coach, transformation specialist, vocalist, writer, and more. Susan's business administration and marketing bachelor's education inform her logically scientific approach exploring metaphysics, quantum theory, spirituality and more.
Susan's own seemingly-impossible answered prayers began her wondrous journey receiving Amazing Grace making her miraculously living her new reality.
Susan's specialty is offering enlightening guidance helping people accessing empowering sacred principles activating divine illumination, love, and wisdom.
Susan hosts the internationally inspirational show, YOUnique! Life Starring YOU!, featuring top achievers sharing key strategies stylishly and successfully manifesting destiny.

Please, for more information, visit Susan's website

Past Calls

Rev. Wendy Silvers is the founder of Million Mamas Movement and a fierce advocate for children and their mamas. You can find out more about Rev. Wendy at

Grandmother, Vision Keeper Grandmother Jyoti Ma is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher who has cultivated projects that demonstrate ways of life that honor the Earth and all Peoples.  

Dr. Allen Lycka, Author of How To Live A Fantastic Life.

Caryn MacGrandle is the creator behind the Divine Feminine App

Louisa is the North American coordinator for the traveling photographic exhibition, The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness (a program of The Forgiveness Project 

Patricia Fero is the author of Mining for Diamonds, What happens When Women Wake Up?, Sacred Marching Orders and What Happens When Women Converge?

Kay Lindahl is the founder of The Listening Center, author of The Sacred Art of Listening, Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening and How Does God Listen?,

Christine Denari - Mystical Mentor and leads Chakra meditations.

Ruth Broyde Sharone is the creator of INTERFAITH: The Musical, author or Mindfields and Miracles and creator of the film God and Allah Need To Talk

Clay Boykin is the author of Circles of Men: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Creating Men’s Groups and Founder and Producer of In Search of the New Compassionate Male.

Dr. Nina Meyerhof, is one our world’s most dynamic visionary peacemakers. She is the Co-Founder of Children of The Earth and The One Humanity Institute

Lisa E. Lee L.U.T; C.S.E Is the Director of Spiritual Development at Unity Las Vegas.

Deborah is the founder of the Garden of Light, Director of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation. She is a co-editor of the award-winning 2020 book by 43 Evolutionary Leaders, "Our Moment of Choice: Evolutionary Visions and Hope for the Future." She is also a Vision Keeper at Unity.Earth.

Connie and Andrew have co-authored the book The Trust Frequency, Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm and their award winning workshop Dance of Souls. 

Katherine Skaggs is a visionary, artist, intitutive, author, teacher, spiritual counselor, Shamanic Practicitioner, entrepreneur and painter of souls.

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