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The Liminal Odyssey


Geri LittleJohn has been making Native American style flutes for 24 years. And to her, even after all this time, each flute she makes is unique, a combination of woodworking and soulcraft. Transforming a piece of wood into an expressive instrument is an adventure, a joyous journey, an exploration in finding the perfect voice for that one flute.

After graduating from Duke, she began working with renowned flute maker Hawk LittleJohn in an informal apprenticeship as she tried to figure out what was next for her. That apprenticeship grew into Woodsong Flutes and marriage and a shared life or craft, land stewardship, ceremony, and community. After Hawk's death from cancer in 2000, Geri dedicated the next few years to raising their son born in 2001. When she came back to flute-making, she did it under a new name, Green Grass Flutes, to honor the process of grieving and renewal. About seven years ago, Geri began playing flutes publicly. With that shift in focus, from maker to player/maker came another name change. Wicozani Flutes.

She has been a featured performer at numerous Native American Flute festivals and opens and closes the Lake Eden Community Arts

Chapter        Tree                   Key               Spirit of the Chapter

Introduction: Paulownia B  Dislocation ~ Orientation ~ Unity (Earth/Earth)


Chapter 1 - What About the Dog: Cherry Drone G# <35> Hunger ~ Adventure ~ Boundlessness (Fire/Earth)


Chapter 2 - Native Chestnut D <39> Provocation ~ Dynamism ~ Liberation (Water/Mountain)


Chapter 3 - Devastating Grace: Camphorwood C# <4> Intolerance ~ Understanding ~ Forgiveness (Mountain/Water)


Chapter 4 - The Mother of Invention: Myrtlewood D <29> Half-heartedness ~ Commitment ~ Devotion (Water/Water)


Chapter 5 - Timeful-ness: Black Walnut Drone F <16> Indifference ~Versatility ~ Mastery (Thunder/Earth)


Chapter 6 - Sacred Enoughness: Tulip Poplar Drone E <53> Immaturity ~ Expansion ~ Super-Abundance (Wind/Mountain)


Chapter 7 - Abracadabra: Cottonwood Branch F <62> Intellect ~ Precision ~Impeccability (Thunder/Mountain)


Chapter 8 - Heart Shaped Evidence: Flaming Birch F <59> Dishonesty ~ Intimacy ~ Transparency (Thunder/Water)


Chapter 9 - Intergenerational Trauma: Hemlock Branch G# <47> Oppression ~ Transmutation ~ Transfiguration (Fire/Water)


Chapter 10 - Self-Realization: Redwood C# <52> Stress ~ Restraint ~ Stillness (Mtn/Mtn)


Chapter 11 - Dear Linda: Lightning Struck Tulip Poplar <8> Mediocrity ~ Style ~ Exquisiteness (Water/Earth)


Chapter 12 - Acorn Rain in Birkenau: Madrone branch B <43> Deafness ~ Insight ~ Epiphany (Lake/Heaven)


Epilogue - Tulip Poplar Drone E <53> Immaturity ~ Expansion ~ Super-Abundance (Wind/Mountain)

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