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The Liminal Odyssey Book Circle Guide

& Journal Prompts

By Sande Hart


Circle Principles | Circle Agreements | Dialogue Prompts | Journal Prompts


The 12 skills/practices outlined in The Liminal Odyssey provide a hearty foundation for a great conversation. Download the fill PDF with individual chapter prompts. 

Gather as many friends as you feel comfortable with (4-6 is a great number for intimate circles.)

Everyone agrees to read a chapter before each meeting.

At your first meeting, add about 30 minutes to your normally scheduled time for introductions and circle principle agreements which will ensure wonder-full and safe conversations. Make it clear that you (or an appointed friend) will be sure to remind the circle of the principles should they be "forgotten." And it happens often! It's good- it's how we learn to be in circle with one another. It's yet another skill we get to experience!

A great resource for circle guidelines is The Millionth Circle: (

  • Create a circle.

  • Consider it a sacred space.

  • One person speaks at a time.

  • Speak and listen from the heart.

  • Encourage and welcome diverse points of view.

  • Listen with discernment instead of judgment.

  • When in doubt or need, pause, and silently ask for guidance.

  • Share leadership and resources.

  • Offer experience instead of advice.

  • Decide together what is to be held in confidence.

  • Speak from your own experience and beliefs rather than speaking for others.

  • Open and close the circle by hearing each voice. (Check-ins and check-outs.)

Guide Suggestions The following are all suggestions to consider and support your Circle.

  • Begin with inviting everyone’s voice to be heard. At your first meeting, add some time so that everyone gets acquainted. You will be going deep together, so it’s important to feel comfortable with who else is in the room.. With a smaller group, everyone will have ample time to speak in the gathering. Depending on the dynamic of your group, you may choose to have a bell or a signal to let someone know it’s time to complete their thought. However, once you have met together for a meeting or two, most will respect the concept of sharing time on the call.  

  • After your first meeting, it’s great to invite all voices to be heard with inviting one person at a time to say one word about how they are feeling. End in the same manner. These are” check-ins and check-outs” (This is super power-full!)

  • You will find some dialogue prompts below. Let the conversation flow as it will go where it needs to go.  These are suggestions relating to this book that further promotes a deeper personal Liminal Odyssey.

  • Encourage personal stories! This is where the juice is!

  • In the beginning of each meeting (after your first) allow some time to share any “Aha’s” during the past month relating to the skill(s) so far. You may have left your last meeting with an agreement to practice a method from the book. Spend some time in the begging of the next call sharing those outcomes.

  • Include a moment in each session to ask, “As you tell this story, where in your body do you feel a change? (A warm sensation? A knot in your throat? A cramping in your stomach? A glow around your head? A warm and fuzzy feeling all over?)” This helps us become accustomed to listening to our body.

  • After each gathering, encourage everyone to keep a journal and identify where you and your stories are in your life. What are your "AHA's? Where in your body do you feel a shift, an opening, a nudge, a block?

  • Start with the “What about this chapter inspired you?”

  • You may choose to ask, “Where on your Hero’s Journey are?”

  • You may choose to let the conversation flow organically by simply asking this question, However, additional prompt questions to consider are here for your consideration or to help keep conversation flowing. These are the same questions listed as journal prompts.

  • After your first 12 months, start over! Returning to your journal, see if you notice anything different. How can you deepen your skills? What additional skills do you want to share that are not covered in this book but are essential in your life? What Liminal Odyssey skills “enhanced” them in a way that was helpful?

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