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The Liminal Odyssey


Where the mundane is revealed as the miraculous

and the insignificant discloses the in-significance


The Book    The Philosophy    The Adventure

The Liminal Odyssey is where reverent listening, cultivating synchronicities, psychology, science, and indigenous shared knowledge meets your life's stories to discover and disclose your soul's purpose.

"Liminal" means threshold, and we find thresholds all day long if we have the eyes to see. Thresholds are not just a transitionary place, they are opportunities for discovery, awareness and choice. 

It’s time for an evolutionary shift, and it’s a good thing we are in one right now. The space in-between is the demarcation place of that paradigm shift. It occurs after the separation of what was and before what is and can determine what will be. However, one need not experience a crisis to drop into the liminal space. In fact, I find opportunities all day long. My stories are evidence of what happens when those otherwise mundane experiences turn miraculous. The same is true for you and your stories.


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