The Liminal Odyssey

The Alchemical Power of The Spaces In-Between

What better place to be nourished, be inspired, and feel the love, then at the kitchen table. Join us for some hearty conversations with inspirational experts and thought leaders on a variety of topics for alchemical transformation.

See the line-up of my upcoming guests below.


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Honored internationally for her interfaith activism and leadership, filmmaker/journalist Ruth Broyde Sharone is the creator of INTERFAITH: The Musical, a theatrical production which has ignited the enthusiasm of people around the world eager to see their religious and cultural diversity reflected in mainstream theaters.. 

A passionate interfaith activist for more than 30 years, Ruth pioneered ground-breaking interfaith pilgrimages to the Middle East in the 90s, was a co-founder and then served for 10 years as Co-Chair of the Southern California Parliament of the World's Religions, and worked on the staff of the Global Parliament as well. She created a popular interfaith program on college campuses with her prize-winning film, God and Allah Need to Talk. Her riveting interfaith memoir, MINEFIELDS & MIRACLES, considered a "primer" on interfaith engagement, has received multiple literary awards and endorsements from 30 religious leaders including H.H. the Dalai Lama. Ruth also penned more than 60 articles for The Interfaith Observer, and co-authored the 2018 best-selling Amazon book, 21ST CENTURY VOICES: Women Who Influence, Inspire, and Make A Difference.

In 2013 she was inducted into the Martin Luther King, Jr. Advisory Board at Morehouse College and recognized as an outstanding interfaith leader by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2015.  She resides in Los Angeles.

Contact info:, 310 733-8313,

Christine Denari - Mystical Mentor is a lifelong resident of Southern California. She grew up on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, and the water continues to be her source of strength, comfort and inspiration.  Raised in a Metaphysically spiritual household, these practices have guided her throughout her life, even when they weren’t playing a significant role. Losing her parents at a young age made her question these values but ultimately return to them with a passion.  In 2010, she founded Healing Energy Arts as a holistic health practitioner, incorporating massage, energy work, essential oils, and sound healing therapies to name a few. With the shutdown of her hands-on services during the pandemic, she turned to the virtual community offering weekly meditation sessions.  This has grown into an online community with monthly gatherings at her ‘Lunar Lodge’, a virtual full moon sacred ceremony honoring the Divine Feminine.


Christine has led Chakra meditations throughout her career and has just released a course offering for basic, online study and practice.

Clay Boykin is a personal and business coach, and is the creator and host of the podcast, In Search of the New Compassionate Male. 


Clay’s book, Circles of Men: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Creating Men’s Groups was published in 2018.

Throughout his career, Clay has been a change agent in the business world, a Marine Corps Officer, and mentor to individuals across the gender spectrum.


Clay collaborates with Charter for Compassion, Gender Equity and Reconciliation International, and International Peace Initiatives.


To contact Clay, visit his website: or write

him at

Dr. Nina Meyerhof, who wrote the Foreward for The Liminal Odyssey and my guest on this Kitchen Table Conversation, is one our world’s most dynamic visionary peacemakers. She transcends what is traditional with an eye on shifting a culture towards the human potential of conscience evolution. She leads with a playful heart that is authentic, and a wisdom that is awe-inspiring. Nina has made a life of advocating for children and youth because she knows our future depends on their well-being and wholeness. She is an innovative educator who is committed to global responsibility through authentic learning. She is the Co-Founder of Children of The Earth and The One Humanity Institute. Nina is the recipient of The Mother Theresa Award, The Public Peace Prize, The Citizen’s Department of Peace Award, The International Educators Award for Peace and is the co-author of Conscious Education: The Bridge to Freedom. Find more about One Humanity Institute at www.OneHumanity.Institute. On Facebook : One Humanity Institute For more about The Liminal Odyssey and the Kitchen Table Conversations, please visit

Lisa E. Lee L.U.T; C.S.E

Is the Director of Spiritual Development at Unity Las Vegas.

Lisa has the heart of a spiritual pioneer. Inspired by the potential in collective wisdom to evolve humanity, she creates collaborative spiritual partnerships in sound healing, transformational conversation groups, collective emergence partner practices and spiritual intensive workshops. She is also the originator of the practice of Soul Journeying – spiritual transmissions in the form of guided meditations, designed to create larger contexts of Self-perception.

Lisa is a Co-steward of The We ONEing, an organization dedicated to the conscious awareness of Interbeing, Co-founder of The Las Vegas New Thought Ministers Collective and the Director of Spiritual Development at Unity of Las Vegas. She is a Licensed Unity Teacher and a Certified Spiritual Educator.

Deborah is the founder of the Garden of Light, an online platform for the emerging global spirituality. She is Director of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation that brings together visionaries committed to the acceleration of the conscious evolution of humanity in these critical times. She is a co-editor of the award-winning 2020 book by 43 Evolutionary Leaders, "Our Moment of Choice: Evolutionary Visions and Hope for the Future." She is also a Vision Keeper at Unity.Earth.


Deborah served for more than 20 years as the Representative to the United Nations of May Peace Prevail on Earth International. At the United Nations, she co-chaired the International Day of Peace NGO Committee and the Values Caucus, and she founded the United Religions Initiative multi-faith Cooperation Circle, URI-UN.


Rev. Deborah lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where she leads a bi-monthly Spirit Salon.

Connie and Andrew are original thinkers, authors, filmmakers, photographers and futurists. Their uplifting worldview offers a practical means of transcending the current paradigm through absolute trust in a conscious loving, interconnected and abundant Universe. They have co-authored the game-changing book “THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm” which synthesizes indigenous cosmology, quantum science and Eastern

and Western mysticism into a framework that is a unique articulation of Universal Truths and offers practical transformational tools for accessing a higher vibratory state of awareness where there is more beauty, balance, joy, freedom and abundance than we can fathom. They have a free ebook “The Conscious Loving Universe: A Guidebook” and they apply the Trust Frequency principles to relationships in their online course “The Dance of Souls: The Relationship (R)Evolution.”


Check out their course The Dance of Souls, and the book The Trust Frequency, Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm that not only influence my life but are foundational to The Liminal Odyssey. 

Katherine Skaggs is a visionary, artist, intitutive, author, teacher, spiritual counselor, Shamanic Practicitioner, entrepreneur and painter of souls.

She is inspired to bring beauty, love, soul healing and a vision of inspiration to others through visionary art; empowering classes and workshops including intuitive painting classes, Artist Shaman Healer Sage courses, Journeying with the Goddess workshops; monthly New Moon Goddess Wisdom Circles and Full Moon Shamanic Healer Circles; in addition Katherine offers intuitive guidance and healing services including soul portraits (a process unique to Katherine and her intuitive guidance), intuitive readings and soul guidance sessions, shamanic healing sessions and spiritual coaching. Life’s experiences tell her that each breath is sacred, to live fully, to choose love in every moment, to aim for happiness and joy no matter what, and to see the divine within all beings.

Please visit Katherine's site, check out her offerings and also, stay tuned for her new Tarot deck coming soon!

Look Who's Coming Up

April 14th Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey- The Trust Frequency

April 28th Katherine Skaggs- Artist, Healer, Shaman Sage Cultivating Synchronicities

May 6th Rev. Deborah Moldow, Garden of Light, The Emerging Global Spirituality

May 12th  Rev. Lisa Lee Midwifing The Unknown Place We Are Heading

May 16th  Clay Boykin - The New Compassionate Male Podcast Addressing systems that no longer serve us

May 24th Dr. Nina Meyerhof- Children of The Earth and The One Humanity Institute, A Dynamic Visionary with Measurable Results

June 9th Dr. Nina Meyerhof- Children of The Earth and One Humanity Institute Crone Wisdom on Educating Our Next Seven Generations

June 23rd  Christine Denari Understanding Our Chakra System(s) and Life Force

July Ruth Broyde Sharone Interfaith Activist, Author and Composer Answering The Call

July Patricia Fero Reverent Engagement

July Pleasance Silicki Ayurveda and Awareness

July Louisa Hext The Forgiveness Project

July Kay Lindahl The Sacred Art of Listening

Aug Karen Moon- The Divine Feminine App Divine Feminine Connectivity

Aug Misa Hopkins- Wisdom for Midwifery Through the Heart

Aug Dot Maver Peace Through Unity

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