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Finding Meaning in the crisis

Typically, after a crises, I write a message to my community. Since the Robb Elementary "massacre" I have been dumb-struck. Do you need to hear from me my moral outrage and exasperate your dismay? I did not think so. There's enough of that out there and I am sure you have a hearty dose yourself. How do we make sense or bring comfort in the face of such a horrific, and systemic problem? How do we make sense of the mounting crises on our planet? How do we make sense of children in this country who are not safe in school, in the grocery store, in their place of worship, all at the hands of gun violence? Understanding it is one thing. Knowing what our power is in changing it, is another. For decades the fight to provide children meals in school so they can sleep with a full tummy has been way too challenging. The alternative is to depend on their family who cannot make ends meet, largely because of other systemic crises, resulting in school drop-out followed by poor decisions such as gang initiations that lead right into the world of gun violence and the revolving door of the cradle to prison system. The piling on of crises are not only significant, they are deeply systemic and easy to tangle and blame one culprit (which is fruitful and effective enough for politicians to leverage.) If culture is a collective agreement of its parts, and we, the individual make up those parts, and no one I know would agree to such a culture, then that must mean we alone have something to do with the problem and also have the power to shift its nature. Not unlike the mythical stories of those brave ones who skip to the chopping block because it means eternal life as a hero, some believe we need to experience this pressure to lose our head over. Apparently, the assumptions we have been living in need our attention. Do we know what the actions and behavior are to be responsible citizens and give our attention the right lens to look through? Of course, if you are reading this, in my book, you are an upstanding and compassionate citizen. I am confident you are responsible consumers and you vote, etc. So what more is there to do/be? How do we untangle this mess? This keeps me up at night. I continue to boil it down to living in my authentic power and integrity. To me, that means questioning assumptions all around me, being clean and clear with the work I am doing (especially as an activist!) and be in full integrity. Decades ago I heard, "integrity is what you do when no one is looking," but I prefer the definition of living in our "wholeness." which brings it that same moral compass as well. When we show up in this condition, we are raising the vibration on the planet. This is the principle of being a Spiritual Activist. When we raise the vibration on the planet, a collective consciousness follows, and letting our children go to bed hungry is an absurd, unthinkable, inconceivable reality as much as it is to bring a gun into an elementary school or shoot your Dr. and 3 others because you were unhappy with your healthcare (as of the recent Tulsa Oklahoma news.) Mental health, gun laws, the culture of our community, and our family structures are all deeply connected and a foundational and immediate plan of action is to live into our soul's purpose which requires authentic integrity. It's a practice. It requires will, not just intention. And it requires a critical mass to create that tipping point of an agreement to live as Spiritual Activists.

Here's a handy practice found in The Trust Frequency, 10 Assumptions for A New Paradigm which you can purchase HERE Founded on The Trust Frequency's 7 A's: Practice Awareness Question Assumptions Control Your Attitude Pay Reverent Attention Bring Yourself Into Alignment Action and Allowing determine our frequency and are our requests to the universe. Together we are omni-power-full yet change requires a collective agreement of a critical mass. I am guessing you are still reading this far into this email because you are a willing participant, and I thank you! We are only better together. Today I was interviewed and asked what I felt was an indicator that we are in the midst of an evolutionary growth spurt. While I have a few firm answers, first and foremost is the signs like this that systems are falling apart. And, it may not surprise you that those systems are all rooted in patriarchy; political, ecological dominion, rigid religious traditions, economic and social systems. We are indeed in a liminal space of that growth spurt, so turn it into an Odyssey and hold on! On July 28th I am offering a "play-shop" to explore the preparation process. Bring your wisdom, skills, and methods that work for you. Use the Promo Code Liminal for free access.

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