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How does The Divine Feminine Show Up For You?

The spirit of the Divine Feminine has been ablaze at a degree that perhaps you feel as well.

As many relationships ebb and flow, I hadn't been in contact with a dear friend who, many years ago, turned me onto Thomas Merton, even orchestrating a visit to the Gethsamane Abbey outside of Louisville, KT, that included a stroll out to his hermitage to read his journals. (Must order their Bourbon Fudge!)

My friend reached out to ask how the Divine Feminine comes through for me. He has been feeling a life force he recognizes as the Divine Feminine, and like George Harrison, he really wants to know Her. (You are welcome for sticking a song and a need for fudge in your head.). Now I would like to ask you this question.

How does the Divine Feminine show up for you? Find the Comments below and teach teach!

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She's the trees, the bees,the grass between my toes and always there when I smell a rose.

Beside me dancing into the mystic night, the moon shining bright and Morrison playin on, the radio.

She's the starry skies, the dragonflies, the warmth of the fire and shows me my desires, let's me see through her eyes,

She's the Feminine Devine.


Sande Hart
Sande Hart
Aug 21, 2022
Replying to

I just got full body again, which to me is 37 trillion cells that are saying YES to you writing more!!! WooHoo! The appreciation is mutual!!! I only set out to tell the story you have; Chapter One. When I started to write (again after 15 years of trying) I started thinking about the word liminal and more flooded out of me, requiring 11 more chapters (and so much more.) So, yeah- I get it!! 💕

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