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Living It

In an interview yesterday, I was asked to give an example of a Liminal Odyssey. I thought about it and then realized, I am in one right now, and it's a biggy.

My husband and I sold our home faster than we expected. We want to be closer to our grandchildren and a few other reasons. We live in a very comfortable home where I know where my "stuff" is, and navigate pretty well in this space. It's familiar but it does not work for us any longer. It's served its purpose and something more is calling us. A reality check on what was important in our lives was our call to action; the catalytic shock to our nervous system that it was time for a change.

Now we are in the stage of our journey where we hit the road but have no idea what's on the other side, yet anyway. We thought we did at the moment of the interview, but Spirit had other plans and we were tripped up. Or so I thought. Aristotle's take on this is, "The truth is revealed in kairos time." Yet, I forgot that bit of wisdom and this had me slightly reeling. I am a nester, and I like the comfort of such stability.

"At a glance, this sounds like I am simply applying the condition of

gratitude to alchemize my story,

but this is where the Liminal Odyssey goes to work."

I am in a liminal space. I am between one place and another; one home and another, one lifestyle and another, one era and another. we don't know where we are going, but we know we are on our way. This can be scary and I have caught myself in that natural state of resistance to something disintegrating so something new can emerge. After practicing the LO, I ask myself, What is my privilege in this matter? Then I heard, Who am I to stand in evolution's way?

I anchor myself in that privilege by realizing my free will, and then my husband reminded me about refugees who do not have a choice to leave and the blessing of the agency we have. Dropping into that gratitude snaps me out of my fear, then noticing my generational trauma in the face of the diaspora my ancestors lived through for more generations than I can know. 'Sounds like an extreme comparison, right? Yet, this is the story that is running in my operating system. It's in my DNA and passed down in fear-informed behaviors.

A year ago, that fear would have me in a crossfire hurricane of panic, yet I noticed yesterday how much of a buffer there is between this "situation" and what could have been a tizzy of scarcity and fear. My muscles were put to the test and they are coming through.

At a glance, this sounds like I am simply applying the condition of gratitude to alchemize my story, but this is where the Liminal Odyssey goes to work. Because I have been practicing (in all fairness, I do talk about this all day long) those skills have been graduated to a quality of my personality. Practice, practice, practice makes a habit, and that habit is now a beautiful part of who I am.

This is all in real-time, folks! Escrow closes in 3 weeks and we have no living quarters on the other side. Sound familiar? We are all in a liminal space, between a society and culture that is and has not been working, and our call-to-action is to check our personal responsibility to our operating system and co-create this unknown place that is calling us. For me, in this example, that unknown place no longer scares me. And, if I pack care-fully and take only those things that serve my greater good (and my coffee pot) my entire family and I will thrive. I am now clearing stuff I have been carrying around that is extra baggage, and some of it is unhealthy (like an ice cream maker I used once 30 years ago!) I am also practicing being impeccable with my words which is the fastest way to check my integrity. Dropping words that I see now discount my power (like "just".) This baggage that I have been clearing like generational trauma, questioning assumptions, and replacing sacrifice with gratitude means I can drop the pounds so I can fit into my soul's calling and be prepared for what wants to happen.

Practicing reverent listening and The Trust Frequency are lifelines and my tether when I slip into fear, which happens often, but not for long and definitely not to a degree that has me spinning and tangled in the unknown. Fear is like a trigger for me, but not like one may think. That trigger now activates my senses of awareness, almost immediately, and I can slow down to the speed of awe and wonder, rather than recoil and submit, get sick or damage a relationship because I was a brat.

Please do not wait until you need to call on a skill to navigate a difficult experience in the midst or the on-coming of the issue. The powerful lesson for me was the importance of practicing these skills daily and when it was convenient and comfortable, so when the time was not (like right this second) I have agency over the matter to a surprising and delightful degree!

Practice taking the word "Just" out of your vocabulary- try it today! See how and when you use this word. It's only one word, yet it is a fantastic example of what it means to be impeccable with our thoughts since thoughts inform what words we use. It's that simple! Then notice what happens! Please come back and share!!

The Liminal Odyssey's practices are a suggestive template and complimentary to whatever skills and tools you love and know will fit elegantly into that tool kit. What matters is we practice them when we don't need them.

Here's that interview. Arjang Abraham Zendehdel and his program A Time of Insight

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