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The Liminal Odyssey

The Alchemical Power of The Spaces In-Between

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So… say what you will about the thousands of self-help and spiritual books on the market—there are substantial benefits to engaging with the best works of the acknowledged luminaries in this genre in these Interesting Times. If you have read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, and the works of Wayne Dyer, Brene Brown, Carolin Myss, and Gay Hendricks, then I am sure you have found considerable treasures tucked within their pages. Concepts such as Awareness, Intention, Authenticity, Grace, and Listening to Source and Your Higher Self, while the buzzwords of the genre, are also the alchemical keys to a Life Well and Peacefully Lived.
Given the plethora of books in this genre, the best that one can do is ascertain what is new and unique when the latest book is published. Elucidation of the same regarding The Liminal Odyssey is my primary purpose for this review.

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EXCERPT BY Christy Birmingham-Reyes

I savored the read. I also devoured it. Could I do both? I did.

I was reminded of the power of being self-assured in our thoughts to achieve something. It made me feel stronger reading about Sande Hart’s experience where she was certain a gate would open (literally) as she walked toward it, and it did. Mental power can be awesome if only we let it (are true to it). Yes, I was inspired.

She also explains in the book about being in control of one’s own body and mind for a fulfilled life journey. While this one may sound obvious, it’s amazing how often people deflect or attribute situations to others. There is something so powerful in taking ownership and being in tune with one’s body. Stand, feel, be.

Sande’s non-profit work with women and the relationships she built with individual women are described well in the book. She recounts years of learning and exploring with the help of others. I felt hope in the power of the human connection while reading those passages.

I also felt a personal pull as my passion is to help women through my writing. It was re-energizing!

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