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The Liminal Odyssey

The Alchemical Power of The Spaces In-Between

Christy Birmingham-Reyes 

My latest read was The Liminal Odyssey: The Alchemical Power of The Spaces In-Between. The book title is very fitting for this one, which I didn’t realize when I first began the read. It truly is a journey that I took while reading it. Once I learned what liminal means and the associated skills author Sande Hart points out, The Liminal Odyssey became one I wanted to be true to.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. As an Amazon affiliate, I receive commission on any purchases made through the links in this post at no extra cost to you.


My initial thoughts

At first, I was skeptical, thinking this would be a puff piece that would bear little significance to my life. Or, would it be so philosophical I wouldn’t be able to follow it?

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised fairly quickly. I was also moved emotionally, eager for self-growth, and I found myself wanting to re-examine my past experiences for deeper meaning.

What is this liminal odyssey?

Liminal refers to the space between crisis and action. It is the in-between space that doesn’t receive a lot of attention. Yet it ought to, explains Sande in the book. Why? Because much can be drawn about the self, others, nature, and more from it. If only we take the time to stop, see, examine, and understand.

As Sande explains in the book, she is inspired by The Hero Journey, popularized by Joseph Campbell. She includes different ideas of Campbell in her toolkit, including following your bliss.

Each chapter outlines a personal experience of author Sande, followed by a tool for the liminal journey. The tool is illustrated by the aforementioned experience. I found myself realizing how surface-level I have been lately and realizing I need to look deeper.

For example, the author encourages readers to look for signs in the everyday or the synchronicities. I have written off many situations as random when, in fact, they may have been whispering a message to me that furthers my liminal odyssey for a life with deeper meaning.


Insights from The Liminal Journey

I savored the read. I also devoured it. Could I do both? I did.

I was reminded of the power of being self-assured in our thoughts to achieve something. It made me feel stronger reading about Sande Hart’s experience where she was certain a gate would open (literally) as she walked toward it, and it did. Mental power can be awesome if only we let it (are true to it). Yes, I was inspired.

She also explains in the book about being in control of one’s own body and mind for a fulfilled life journey. While this one may sound obvious, it’s amazing how often people deflect or attribute situations to others. There is something so powerful in taking ownership and being in tune with one’s body. Stand, feel, be.

Sande’s non-profit work with women and the relationships she built with individual women are described well in the book. She recounts years of learning and exploring with the help of others. I felt hope in the power of the human connection while reading those passages.

I also felt a personal pull as my passion is to help women through my writing. It was re-energizing!


A few last words on The Liminal Journey by Sande Hart

During the read, I continually bookmarked pages to return and re-read. Perhaps I will go through those bookmarks again when I need inspiration or want a reminder of the levels of simply being.

There are many powerful moments held in the pages. This nonfiction read is one I recommend for anyone looking for deeper meaning in themselves and their environment. Five stars.

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