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The Liminal Odyssey

The Alchemical Power of The Spaces In-Between

Statements of Praise for The Liminal Odyssey

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"We, as humanity are at cross-roads. There is an urgency that requires each and every one of us to hold a sacred responsibility to become a practitioner of balance and to accept our role in ushering in a world of feminine agility and wisdom. The Liminal Odyssey is infused with the spirit of the feminine and Sande shows us, through her own personal stories and collection of ideas and methods, the practical wisdom we can each apply to our own life’s journey."

~Grandmother Flordemayo

Founding Member of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and Founder of The Path

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"I loved The Liminal Odyssey it is so gentle and reading it is like getting a hug from a good friend.  It filled me with love and brought me back into my heart.  It allowed me to see the synchronicities that have been happening throughout my life, like a web of connection to all that is.  Sande really has shared so vulnerably, it is like I have been offered a thread of connection into her life and I really didn't want the book to end so I could stay wrapped in that friendly hug."

~Michell W. Liminal Odyssey Playshop Participant


"I recently had the honor of talking with Sande Hart on The Science of Superpowers show. Sande was a brilliant guest with a loving and refreshingly transparent nature. Her generosity of spirit flows gently from her as an invitation for all of us to lean in and allow it to take us where we’re destined to go. If you’re looking for a wonderful guest who can illustrate the abstract in easy-to-incorporate ways, take a moment to check out Sande’s book: The Liminal Odyssey:The Alchemical Power of the Spaces  In-Between.  Sande, thank you for being your truth and brilliance as a beacon to others. We love you and appreciate the work you do in the world!"
                                                                                        ~Tonya Dawn Recla, Executive Director of Super Power Experts

"Everyone has a unique story known only to them that when shared is a sacred gift to the world. In her book, The Liminal Odyssey: The Alchemical Power of The Spaces In-Between, Sande Hart’s life experiences flow authentically onto the page and reveal her own dance within her own sacred liminal space. From her sobering and chilling experience, visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau death camp, to her cry out to the stadium-filled crowd to save an abandoned dog, Sande captures and shares many life lessons that evoked inspiration, and at times melted me into a sacred surrender to truths I had only known unconsciously."

~Clay Boykin

Circles of Men Project and In Search of The New Compassionate Male Podcast


“Sande Hart is an individual of great and outstanding perceptions, ideas, and insights, all with an emphasis on healthy and positive transformations. Sande’s book, The Liminal Odyssey: The Alchemical Power of the Spaces In-Between, is a deep and personal reflection of her sagacious experiences and how they have gifted her with a keen awareness of how we are all capable of journeying with a higher vibration and thus transforming all of life’s passages into full, rich and highly valued ones for the benefit of all.”

                              ~Susan Santiago

                              Mediator RECOURSE Mediation Services and Radio Programmer 

KWMR (  

"The Liminal Odyssey pulsates with Sande Hart's relentless courage to position herself on the delicate threshold between crisis and action as she explores how best to fulfill her life mission as interfaith leader and champion of rights for women and girls worldwide.  In her touching vulnerability, she grants us access not only to her hopes and dreams, but also to her crises of confidence. She gives generous credit to time-honored sources of wisdom and the inspiring individuals she met along the way, but ultimately, she returns to the sacred golden threshold, the liminal holding place, where anything and everything is possible. Read her compelling story!"

~Ruth Broyde Sharone,

Interfaith Leader and Creator of INTERFAITH: The Musical

"Sande Hart shows us how to live our lives as a Liminal Odyssey. Looking deeply into the experiences life brings us and connecting the dots yields a rich and meaningful life. There are no ordinary lives seen through the lens Sande has discovered through her own personal Liminal Odyssey.  Read this book and you will see your own life in an entirely different way." 

~Patricia Fero LMSW,

Author of What Happens When Women Wake Up?,  Sacred Marching Orders, and What Happens When Women Converge

“The human adventure is an evolutionary journey filled with challenges and unknowns. In transitional times such as these, many of us long for a mentor, someone to take us by the hand and whisper reassurance that, despite outward appearances, everything is unfolding exactly as it must. And fortunately, every so often, a guidebook comes along to provide a map of the territory ahead. Sande Hart’s Liminal Odyssey is such a book. It will provide you with the vision and the courage and the confidence to go where the brave dare not go, and to emerge transformed, your butterfly wings spread wide.”

                                                                                                              ~Andrew Cameron Bailey,

Co-Author of THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions For A New Paradigm Author of The Mayflower Revelations

"As Sande's "frequency editor" it has been a delight to walk with her on her Liminal Odyssey as she light-heartedly, poetically and profoundly guides her readers into the magic that awaits us all in the frequency of trust. She leads us into the time-out-of-time where we learn to allow synchronicities to weave a tapestry from the many threads of our lives into living our bliss here and now. Our awareness expands, our hearts open, and we walk through life with ease, grace and abundance. This book is a precious gem to be experienced from many perspectives as Sande drops breadcrumbs to nourish us on our own odyssey to realizing our highest potential."

                                                                                                                                   ~Connie Baxter Marlow, Co-Author of The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New ParadigmFacilitator of The Dance of Souls: The Relationship (R)Evolution

"Insight is wisdom when it inspires you to seek the potential within yourself. Sande Hart’s book, The Liminal Odyssey, provides you with an invitation to discover the threshold within you that gives profound meaning to your life, even within this crazy world. She entices you into her world of discoveries, and as you laugh and cry, you soon find you want to live in the kind of alchemical reality that she knows intimately well. It’s a book you won’t want to put down and you’ll want to keep handy on your bookshelf for those moments when you aren’t sure what to think or do next. Flip it open to a random page and get a burst of wisdom that will guide and embolden you to live, as the author suggests, in epic proportions."

~Misa Hopkins, 

best-selling author, The Root of All Healing, and the Sacred Feminine Awakening series

"Becoming present, listening to our inner wisdom, is a key element in The Liminal Odyssey. Paying attention, listening with wonder and curiosity, noticing the mystery and magic of life, resting in silence are practices to guide your experience as you read this book of awakening."

~Kay Lindahl,

The Sacred Art of Listening and Founder of The Listening Center


"Poise at a threshold, with the agility of a clear, conscious mind and an open-heart center, is an act of bravery and courage. With characteristic authenticity, Sande invites us to share her Liminal Odyssey, the very definition of surprise moments on the precipice. Enchanting!"

~ Dr. Nancy Gahles,

Health and Harmony Wellness Center

"Sande Hart’s authentic storytelling takes us along on a Liminal Odyssey into the magic of everyday life. Her style is so witty, humble and completely original that it’s almost a genre unto itself. Sande’s tales range from her exceptional experiences in global peacemaking to life’s quiet, intimate moments. Through it all, she is an engaging guide to the enchantment that surrounds us when we have the eyes to see."

~Rev. Deborah Moldow,

Founder, Garden of LightEvolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation

"Embracing the liminal spaces in our life is our creative purpose as spiritual humans. In her book, the Liminal Odyssey, Sande Hart channels the Grandmother Spider to breathe deeply into her own journey into wholeness and weave a supportive web of tools and insights we can easily access. Sande’s warm and authentic voice carries us along on an exploration of essential skills for transforming the spaces in between. The Liminal Odyssey is a gift of inspirational stories, spiritual wisdom, personal revelation, and a bit of mystical magic."

~Brecia Kralovic Login

Brecia Creative, Women's Woven Voices, Artist, Author

"Sande Hart has a story. Many stories. And I loved the way she weaves her stories, her challenges, her leaps of faith and her scraped knees into a tapestry that is so coherent and uplifting and user-friendly -- just like the Universe. There is space between the breaths, the notes, the words, action and reaction that Sande explores and enlightens the path each of us must travel. I highly recommend The Liminal Odyssey for anyone who is curious to know more about life and about themselves."

M. Roth


"Sande Hart's book "The Liminal Odyssey" is a great blessing to me. It has given me:

- the words for where I am in my life journey.

- the questions I need to hear (e.g. "What prevents you from answering your planetary assignment?"

- the inspiration I need "to accept the challenge" because it "is not an option, it is a holy responsibility."

My gratitude for this book is profound."

~AriellaShira Lewis MA SLP

"The Liminal Odyssey is itself an odyssey. Just read the book. Don’t look for answers. They are there in the narrative. They are not hidden, just allow yourself to take in the stories. You cannot help but FEEL the energy of the author, the depth of the stories, the significance of each of the words. This book exudes passion and pulls the reader into the lessons learned, which then become teachings to the reader. It’s automatic. The stories are real. The motivational passages at the end of each chapter are potent. Not a lot of books offer you a good story with such insight as this. While it’s hard to explain, it’s not hard to read, and you really don’t need to DO anything. JUST READ IT. You will have your own aha moments. Maybe you’ll have one, maybe you’ll have a dozen. I believe you will walk away with a renewed sense of awareness on a level you were not aware prior to reading this book. Highly recommended."

~T. Love, From The Heart Radio Host


An emotional and eye opening self introspective book clearly written with love. Will listen and re-listen again and again!

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"A profound journey well worth taking!

I can’t express my gratitude to Sande for graciously sharing her amazing story! It has touched me in unexpected ways and exponentially propelled my own liminal journey. Her book came to me in a series of wonderful synchronicities, that are still unfolding. I have never met her, but feel a close connection. I love this book and the loving information that it brought me, through a joyous journey. So well worth the small investment of time. The payoff is exponential!"


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